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D'Art et D'Ardoise is the ideal starting point for forest walks in the woods of Winenne and the surrounding areas or in the parks of Beauraing (Parks of St Peter Castel and Castel Ste Mary) where you can meet the local flora and fauna (daims, wild boars,...), fish in ponds and enjoy barbecues in a green setting.

The parks of Beauraing host annual events such as "the flea market on the grass" (as featured on the BBC Antique Road show about 10 years ago) and "the medieval Beauraing". Download a park orientation plan, an educational program and a children's games

As for barbecues elswhere several other places also allow it such as the woods of Felenne or the place called "Bel Air" located just between the Belgian and the French border.

It is also possible to visit several caves such as the cave "The Wonderful” (La Merveilleuse) of Dinant, the "Grotte de Nichet" in Fromelenne and the famous "Grottes de Han" and their animal park.

For birds of prey lovers, a short visit to Graide at the "Garden of owls" and its 75 birds of prey is a must. And why not, along the way, stop at Gedinne, climb to the top of the Millennium Tower and observe the panoramic view of the Scaille Cross plateau, from where many marked walks are possible.

Anything is possible to let off steam in the area: hikes, bike rides, mountain bikes. Everything necessary for the maintenance and cleaning of bicycles is available in the house. Mountain bikes are available for hire by the Beauraing Tourist Board.

For the climbing fans, the staff of "Cap Nature" in Bertrix will welcome and support you with a smile in its activities to cross a monkey bridge, dare to embark on the death ride, play a game of paintball. Unless it's Dinant Evasion that attracts you with "Dinant Adventure" a similar activities, just to vary a little.

Do you prefer water? It is possible to kayak on Lesse or Semois, to have fun in the slides of the "Rivéa Aqua Centre" in Givet where it is also possible to play ten pin bowl.

For bikers, we know the small paths and virolos well for having practiced them and therefore can advise you on possible routes.

Many relaxing activities await you, such as enjoying a cruise on the Meuse river in Dinant or Givet, seeing the Namourette experience, these small river boats of up to 12 people that travel on the Meuse in Namur.

As for outings, whether on foot or by bicycle, they are possible on the Belgian "RaVel" (Houyet - Rochefort) or on the "greenway" along the Meuse to Givet on the French side. The Beauraing Tourist Board also offers the rental of electric bikes.

The "Provincial Estate of Chevetogne" and its 600 hectares allows you to spend a whole day visiting the gardens, enjoying the outdoor swimming pool, taking a barge or canoe ride, enjoying the recreational aerea, mini-golf, and restaurants...

And if relaxation rhymes with well-being, although there is already a bathtub in the house, the “Mandarine Turquoise” center in Falmignoul offers private access for 5-6 people with Jacuzzi and swimming pool but also treatments (massage, plantar reflexology, etc. ...) For the very small groups, “La Libellule” in Sevry rents a relaxation area with an infrared sauna and a spa for 3 people.

The good news is that the region is full of activities at this level too !

In Beauraing, "Les trésors cachés" (the Hidden Treasures) offer 3 escape games possibilities such as the "Charles Hobbs Experience", the "Tim Jenkin Experience" or the "The Return of Notre Dame". Each of these experiences is based on historical facts.

As for the tourist office, "Escape in the city" is a life-size track game.

And for those who would like more, "Escape cruise" in Hastière or "the mystery of the Great Uncle Albert" in Waulsort are also very close to the house.

Many castles are to be visited in the vicinity of the house: the Castle of Vêve, Lavaux Ste Anne, or the very medieval Château de Bouillon, but also places rich in history such as Fort Charlemont in Givet, Fort St Héribert in Wépion or the citadels of Dinant and Namur.

In terms of heritage and culture, many churches are worth a visit, such as the collegiate of Dinant of the 13th century or the church of Foy-Notre-Dame built in the 17th century following the discovery of a statue of the virgin in an oak tree that had just been felled.

As for worship, Beauraing is one of the places where the virgin appears. The sanctuary site allows you to visit the Marial Museum or enjoy a guided tour.

As for folklore, in Beauraing, the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Order of the Beaurinoise Spit defends the products of the land while in Dinant, the Brotherhood of the Mougneux d'Coûtches (the eaters of couques) is an ambassador for Dinant's couque, the Brotherhood of Leffe defends the beer of the same name and the Brotherhood of the quarteniers of Dinant's flamiche puts forward the cuisine of Dinant (if you have a sensitive nose, you’d better skip the latter)

In the centre of the village, the small grocery store "Au petite marché" gives you access to many products. A bakery and a butcher are also present so everything is on site. Many other shops and the usual supermarkets are located in Beauraing (5 min) drive or in Givet: Carrefour, Delhaize, Intermarché, Aldi, Lidl, Netto and even an organic store.

From a restaurant point of view, there is something for everyone, from the snack shop to the most gastronomic, going from Italian to Greek cuisine. There is something for everyone’s taste. A list with names, addresses, phones and websites available in the house.

For those who prefer the catering option, the "Chaudry D'Uchy" provides excellent products and a delicious artisan ice cream.

An emergency kit is available in the house as well as a list of doctors, dentists and other practitioners with their full contact information.

The nearest hospital is in Dinant (20 minutes)

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